Tuesday September 7th 

Beginning at 9:00 a.m. in the Farm Focus Arena

2021 Sale Order is: Milk, Dairy Feeders, Rabbits, Sheep, Goats, Swine, Chickens, Turkeys, Beef Feeders and Steers

Do you want to be included as a new buyer for 2021? Contact the Extension Office at 419-238-1214 with your name/business name, address, phone, and if you plan to attend personally, or wish to have someone buy for you. 

About the Livestock Sale

Raising a market animal for an FFA or 4-H project is a valuable learning opportunity for members. Through these youth programs, sound business principals and new agricultural practices are introduced. Youth are taught responsibility and gain knowledge, life skills, and good attitudes.

When you purchase an animal at the Junior Fair Livestock Auction, you are buying prize livestock raised by Van Wert County 4-H and FFA members. Through your purchase you support these youth programs, as well as gain the choicest, top quality meat at a reasonable price.

The Junior Fair Livestock Auction gives these young people a chance to show a profit for their for their hard work.

The sale is guided each year by the Junior Fair Board Sales Committee; these volunteers spend hours planning and conducting the sale. Sale expenses are covered through a fee to each participant.

How Does the Sale Work?

1) As a potential buyer you are required to have a bid number on the day of sale, which you can pick up or have mailed to you.

2) The highest bidder will be announced in the sale ring.

3) Most buyers cosign the animals back to the sale committee, unless they have made arrangements to have the animal processed (see below).

You do not have to handle or be responsible for the animal in any way when the animal is cosigned back to the sale committee. Your only responsibility is to pay the difference

Buying the Animal for Home Use

Of course, you may purchase the animal and make arrangements for its processing at the meat locker of your choice.

Locally, there are processing plants that will process your animal for the freezer of for your business. You should inform the sale clerk where you want your animal sent for processing. Contact the processor prior to the sale, so that they will have a truck available to transport your animal to the processing plant.

Ebel’s Butcher Shop (419)-587-3524

Sanderson’s Meats (419)-587-3234

Manley’s Meats (419)-592-7313


Processing Your Blue Ribbon Meat

When you purchase an animal you will receive approximately the following amount of meat, that is cut, trimmed, and ready for your freezer.

1000 Pound Beef

Steaks      100lbs.                      Ground Meat         100lbs.

Roasts     100lbs.                      Lesser Cuts         100lbs

Total: 400lbs.


220 Pound Hog

Ham 30lbs.              Spareribs 8lbs.                 Chops 32lbs.

Sausage 12lbs.       Lard 20lbs.                  Bacon 16lbs.

Shoulder Cuts 18lbs.              Total: 136lbs.


110 Pound Lamb

Legs         12lbs.                        Shoulder            16lbs.

Chops 14lbs. Lesser Cuts 3lbs.

Total: 45lbs.

Using Your Purchase


¨ Your purchased blue-ribbon animal can provide your family with scrumptious barbecue and other choice meat dishes. You’ll be the family’s favorite chef!

¨ Too much meat for your family? Form a partnership with your neighbor and each buy 1/2 lamb and 1/2 swine for family meat variety.

¨ Split the animal with your friends.

Service Clubs, Lodges, and Unions:

¨ Put on a club barbeque

¨ Donate the meat to a children’s home, your favorite charity, or a local food pantry.

¨ Auction off packaged meat to your members, and boost the club treasury.


¨ Present packaged meat to your best customers or use it in promotional campaigns.

¨ Put on a barbecue for your employees

¨ Auction off packaged meat for an employee’s fund


Restaurants and Markets: