4-H Camp 2023 June 29th-July  3rd

Registration Forms-Due June 9th

Health Forms- Due June 9th

Scholarship forms-Due June 1st

CloverBud Camp 2023 Monday June 12th 9am-3:30pm

Registration form

Health Form-Due by drop off

Van Wert County 4-H camp is held annually at 4-H Camp Palmer (26450 County Rd Mn, Fayette, OH 43521). Camp Palmer is 150 acres of woods, streams and fields. Programs include swimming, canoeing, indoor/outdoor recreation, nature hikes, sports of all sorts, crafts and fishing. 4-H Camp is five days spent with friends while learning new skills and having fun! For more information about the camp facilities please check out http://www.camppalmer.org/

A Typical Day at Camp…


9:00pm — Cabin Cleanup

10:00am— Morning Sessions
(Canoeing, swimming, crafts…)

12:00noon — Lunch

1:00pm—Rest & Relaxation

2:00pm—Afternoon Activity
(Land Carnival, Paint Tag, Sports)

5:15pm — Dinner


7:00pm—Evening Activity (Campfire, Dances, Swimming)

8:00 — Snack

9:00pm — Campfire and Line Dances

10:00pm — Back to Cabins

11:00pm— Lights Out