Livestock Judging Information

Dear Livestock Exhibitor, 

Due to the CoronaVirus Pandemic, we have come up with an alternative option for judging that is still beneficial to you and your family. Judging will still take place at the fairgrounds in the Jr. Fair Building. That being said, we have decided to split judging into 3 consecutive days. Each day would start at 4:00pm and would end approximately 9:00pm. It will be split up like this: 

  • Day 1: Dairy, Dairy Feeders, Beef Breeding, Market Beef 

  • Day 2: Poultry, Horses, Camelids, Sheep, Goats 

  • Day 3: Swine, Rabbits 

There will be 2 different judges for each species. To best fit your needs there is a poll that you need to fill out, in order to reserve your spot for judging. In this poll, you will fill out your name and the time that best fits when you can be judged. After you select that time, no one will be able to take it from you. There can be a total of 4-6 exhibitors that will be able to be judged at one time every day, depending on how many judges will be present.  

The good news about all of this, is that judging will ONLY consist of your book judging score and your interview score. There will NOT be a SKILLATHON portion or QA portion that will be added into your final score. That being said, make sure you FILL OUT YOUR BOOK COMPLETELY, for the best score possible! 

When you sign up for your spot for judging, make sure you look at the spreadsheet attached to this letter/email so you know who your judge will be. Every exhibitor has a certain judge assigned to them, so just find your species and your name and make sure you click on that judge when you sign up. 

If you have multiple species, make sure you pay attention to the judges that you may have. If you have a breeding project and a market project of the same species, then you will only have to be judged one time because you will have the same judge for both projects. If you have multiple species, we ask that you come just one day because we will have extra judges to judge multiple spiece exhibitors. Thank you for your time and we will see you at judging!!! 

Spreadsheet Link: (You have to know who your judge will be before you sign up!!!) 

OR type in the following:

Sign Up Link:



Livestock Record Books

  • 2020 Market Livestock- PDF WORD
  • 2020 Breeding/Show Livestock- PDF WORD