The Junior Fair Coronation Committee is now seeking candidates for 2021 Jr. Fair King and Queen, Project Royalty, and Livestock Royalty. Please encourage your older members to apply, as this is a rewarding opportunity. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact the Extension Office at (419) 238-1214.  King and Queen winners will receive a $500 award each.

Applications are due by Aug. 2nd , 2021 to the OSU Extension Office. 


Jr. Fair King & Queen Application (Ages 16-19 as of 1/1 of the current year) Download Application

The highest royalty selected of them all, the position of King and Queen is reserved for ages 16-19. Scores are based on project work, fair related groups, school, church, community groups, and a narrative. Applicants interview and are selected on the basis of all the areas and their experiences. 

Jr. Fair Livestock & Project Princess or Prince Application (Ages 13-18 as of 1/1 of current year) Download Application

Royalty running for this honor should be active in their organization, taking projects such as woodworking, cooking, sewing, or gardening (any project that isn't a livestock project exhibited at the fair). This is an opportunity for youth to show off their talents and educate others about the benefits of taking still projects. 

Species royalty is selected for beef, equine, poultry, sheep, dairy, goat, rabbit, and swine. Royalty is expected to be a representative of the livestock industry and their species represented.