Fair Dates: August 28 – September 02, 2019

For a .pdf copy of the 2019 Jr. Fair Book - Please Click this Link


4-H Council Representatives for Jr. Fair Board

  • Nancy Black
  • Sue Hempfling
  • Phil Sorgen

Extension Representatives for Jr. Fair Board

  • Heather Gottke, 4-H Educator
  • Whitney Welker, Summer Intern

Rules for 4-H Members

  • All 4-H exhibitors in the Junior Fair, as well as each project exhibited, must be registered with the Ohio State University Extension, Van Wert County Office by April 1st enrollment deadline.
  • All 4-H projects entered in the Junior Fair must meet all project completion requirements including registration, project book completion and interview judging.
  • Van Wert County 4-H’ers who exhibit in the Van Wert County Junior Fair may not exhibit in the same project areas in any other county fair during the current year.
  • All 4-H project books are to be turned in to local club advisor(s) to be evaluated or turned on at 4-H Judging day and be displayed in the fair booth.  The only books to be turned into the Extension Office are the Officer’s books (Secretary, Treasurer, Health Safety, Reporter).The officer books must be turned in by the August 9th, 2019 deadline.
  • Members me eligible for 4-H membership through age and grade guidelines.
  • No substitution of livestock (dairy, dairy feeders, sheep, swine, horse or goats) may be made after June 1.  Steers must be selected and on feed by January 1. (Exceptions are given for the following classes:  Beef feeder calf – August 1st. Rabbits effective date is 35 days for Market Rabbits. No changes can be made after this time.
  • All large animal livestock projects must be owned and cared for by the 4-H member.  The ONLY exception is – horses may be owned or leased; identification papers if you own your horse, or a lease, if you are leasing, it must be on file with OSU Extension by June 1, 2019.
  • Although reasonable effort will be made to protect your 4-H exhibit from damage or theft during the County fair, neither the Van Wert County Fair Board nor OSU Extension are responsible for exhibits.
  • Members and their parents are responsible for any damage or injury their livestock may cause to other individuals or property.  Please check your home owner’s liability policy to see if it covers your animals on display at the fairgrounds.
  • All exhibits must meet established fire regulations.
  • All non-livestock exhibits must be in the Junior Fair Building by the Tuesday evening or the day before the fair; remain there until the last day of the fair: and be removed after 7:00 p.m. the last day of the fair.
  • Each 4-H member participating in the Junior Fair must also abide by ANY and ALL RULES that are in place in the current Jr. Fair Book.


Please note that changes may be communicated at any time.

Simplified Check Off List

  • I have joined 4-H and have signed up for my projects by the April 1st Deadline.
  • I have attended 1 Quality Assurance Meeting. (Required for all Jr. Fair Livestock exhibitors planning to exhibit any livestock at the 2019 Van Wert County Fair.)
  • I have gone to weigh in or have my animal tagged on time (if applicable)
  • Completed project book judging and I have filled out my project book (completing the project activities and records in book) Have completed summary, (written report) in book.
  • I have filled out my project entry online to the Senior Fair board Office by the August 3, 2019 deadline.
  • Have filled out DUNF form for all Market and lactating animals being brought into the Van Wert County Fair.
  • Have Purchased a Jr. Fair Weekly ticket from the Senior Fair Office by 1st day of fair
  • Have my animal on the Van Wert County Fairgrounds on time for the Van Wert County Fair.
  • I have sent Thank you’s to Livestock Buyer, trophy donors and to those who have helped me with my project and club activities. Displayed Thank You poster to livestock Buyer of 2018 Fair or thanked Jr. Fair Supporters.


A fair premium will be paid by the Van Wert County Senior Fair Board for all projects other than market animals exhibited at the fair (See Junior Fair Book for amount). Premium monies will be paid during the fair, at the Senior Fair Board Secretary’s window.  Premiums for each fair show, pre-judged projects, and displays will be paid.  Keep track of your projects and make sure you have picked up ALL premiums.  Ribbons are provided by the Senior Fair Board or donor and reflect the judging or show ring grade only, not the final premium grade.

The member’s final grade, and consequently the fair premium is based on the judging interview.    Livestock projects shown at the fair are given a premium based on the interview grade, and the show ring grade given by the Junior Fair show judge.  Exhibition at the County Fair is NOT required for 4-H’ers. However, it is a chance to showcase many of the opportunities in 4-H.


All members taking any project must submit a separate project entry, for each division entered, by August 3rd. These entries are made on line on the Van Wert County Fair Web site. Information on how to sign up for fair entries will be sent as soon as made available by the Senior Fair Board (usually beginning on July).  Members not meeting this deadline may not be allowed to exhibit their projects.   All projects, even ones displayed in booths must make an entry on line at the Van Wert County Fair Website. The Junior Fair Board, as indicated in the Junior Fair Book, will assess late fees, if an entry is late.


All livestock, rabbits, and poultry must follow identification and possession rules as state in the fair book. For more information about these guidelines please check your species specific guidelines with your book (loose leaf paper in packet) or contact the Extension Office with questions.


Steer Weigh In/ID

Saturday, January 12


Horse ID & Permission to Participate

DUE June 1


or packet mailed in May

Dairy Feeder, Goat & Sheep Weigh In/ID

Saturday, June 1


Hog ID Tag Pick Up

Saturday, June 1


DUE June 15

Rabbit ID

Saturday, August 10



Testing for Chickens

August 11th