Volunteer Pledge

I pledge my Head to give children the information I can, to help them see things clearly and to make wise decisions.

I pledge my Heart to encourage and support children no matter whether they have success or disappointments.

I pledge my Hands to help children's groups; if I cannot be a leader, I can help in many equally important ways.

I pledge my Health to keep children strong and will for a better world through 4-H, for children's groups, our community, our country, and our world.


Ohio 4-H Advisor Handbook

For a complete list of policies and procedures from Ohio 4-H, please go to the Ohio 4-H Club Management Resources, Policies, and Procedures Page

Child Abuse & Neglect (Policy 1.50 Training)

  1. Required for all volunteers.  Training is offered during the Volunteer update on March 7th at 
  2. Child Abuse Reporting Policy & Procedures

Financial Requirements

  1. Yearly Financial Summary-  Report are from January to December of previous year
    1. Printed Version 
    2. Online Version

Club Structure

  1. Charter Checklist
  2. Meeting and Date Reporting
  3. Constitution & By-Laws
  4. Honor Club Applications
  5. Winning Plan Request Form
  6. Community Service


  1. Enrollment- v2.4honline.com 
  2. Book Ordering Form 
  3. Cross County Policy and Cross County Application Form
  4. Food Safety Certification Occasional Quantity Cooks
  5. Health Forms
  6. Permission to Participate Form
  7. Equipment & Materials Inventory
  8. Demonstrations Guidelines & Score Sheets
  9. Youth Grant Applications


Meeting Resources

Tammy Campbell (tammy.campbell@oh.nacdnet.net) from Van Wert County Soil and Water Conservation District offers educational and fun activities for your club meetings. Contact her for more details!

4-H Club Meeting Wheel