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The 2020 Black Inc. Awards sponsored by the Van Wert County Foundation are continuing for 2020. We will be practicing social distancing with guidance from the Van Wert County Health Department to conduct a safe and meaningful judging event for our youth.

This year we will not be doing the Table Setting Contest or the Communications & Arts Contest in an effort to reduce contact. We will be continuing the Development Awards as done in the past.

Youth who choose to apply for a Black Inc. project award must have participated in that project area in the last year (preferred) or recent years (last 2-3 years). Each category is based on the projects category in the Ohio 4-H Family Guide.

All ages are welcome to participate. Cash prize amount varies with age (as of Jan 1, 2020)


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Junior (8-10)




Intermediate (11-13)




Senior (14-18)




Youth interested are encouraged to find a topic related to (but not just a repeat of their project book) to design a 3-sided poster board to talk to the judge about what they have learned. There are a wide variety of topics that can be explored and many youth have found new topics to try each year.

The application must be completed and turned in no later than August 3, 2020. This allows us time to check that all appointments have been made and that the numbers of judges we have will be enough to conduct the event safely.

Black Inc. Awards were developed to encourage youth to continue their 4-H projects and expand their knowledge base as they work with their projects. 

  • Applications are due no later than August 3, 2020
  • Interviews will be held on August 13, 2020
  • Members who have won first in 2018 will not be elligible for first place in 2019, but CAN win second or third place awards. 

2020 Applications & Information Packets

Black Inc. Awards are reserved for 4-H members and 4-H projects ONLY. Members cannot count FFA projects towards their applications

Application - Click to Download

Category Descriptions/Related 4-H Projects

Note: All areas use the same application, but require a seperate one for each entry. 

Livestock (Can apply for more than one)

Beef, Dairy, Dairy Feeder, Goat, Horse, Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep, and Swine. 

Table Setting Contest Information - Canceled for 2020

Black Inc. Doris Limbach Purmort Foods and Nutrition

Projects included in this category: Lets Start Cooking, Everyday Food and Fitness, Snack Attack, Take a Break for Breakfast, Lets Bake Quick Breads, Sports Nutrition: Ready Set Go, Grill Master,

Star Spangled Foods, Party Planner: A 4-H Guide to Quanity Cooking, Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals, Dash Board Dining: A 4-H Guide to Healthful Fast Food Choices, Yeast Breads on the Rise,

You're the Chef,  Gobal Gourmet, Beyond the Grill and Pathways to Culinary Success. 

Mary Shackley Clothing

Projects included in this category: Accessories For Teens, Sew Fun, Designed By Me, Sundresses and Jumpers, Terriffic Tops, Em-bel-lish: A 4-H Guide to Wearable Art, Sew for Others, Ready Set Sew Active, Lounge Wear, Clothing for Middle School, Shopping Savvy, Clothes for High School and College, Creative Costumes, Dress- Up Outfit, Outterwear for Anywhere, Look Great For Less, Clothing for Your Career and Sewing in Textiles (non-clothing master). Also included: Quilting The Best Better and You Can Quilt.  

Small Animal Vet Science

Projects included in this category: All About Dogs, Dog Project and Record Book, Dog Achievement Program, Cavvy Project and Record Book, Purr-fect Pals (Level One), Climbing Up! (Level Two), 

Leaping Forward (Level Three), Pet Rabbit, Horseless Horse, From Airedales to Zebras, All Systems Go! and On the Cutting Edge.

Creative and Lesiure Arts Application 

Projects included in this category: Cake Decorating, My Favorite Things, Get Started in Art, Seen Through Graphic Design, Focus on Photography, Controlling the Image, Mastering Photography,

Photography Master, Scrapbooking and The Writer and You.

Family Consumer Sciences

Projects included in this category: Familly History Treasure Hunt, You're the Athlete, Staying Healthy, Keeping Fit, First Aid In-Action, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, The Truth About Tabacco,

You're Thoughts Matter: Navigating Mental Health, The Laundry Project, It's My Home, Makeover My Space, You're First Home Away From Home, Becoming Money Wise, Teens on the Roads to Financial Success. 


Projects included in this category: One on One, Club Leadership One, Club Leadership Two, Diversity: The Source of Our Strength, My Hands to Larger Service: Team Leaders Buidling Our Communities,

Teens On Board, Leadership Roadtrip: Where Are You Going?, Pantry Panic, Leadership Master and Camp Counselors.

Natural Resources 

Projects included in this category: Canning and Freezing, How Does Your Garden Grow, Grow Your Own Vegetables, Growing With The Seasons, Explore the Outdoors, Geology: Can You Dig It, Exploring Pond, Why Trees Matter, Ohio Birds, Trapping Muskrats in Ohio, Outdoor Adventurer: Beginning Fishing, Outdoor Adventurer: Intermediate Fishing, Bee Keeping, Insect Adventures One, Insect Adventures Two and 

Insect Adventures Three.


Projects included in this category: Rockets Away, Science Fun With Flight, Rocketry Master, ATV Safety, Bicycling For Fun, Wheels in Motion, Science Fun With Kitchen Chemistry, Magic of Electricity, Investigating Electricity, Wired For Power, Entering Electronics, Science Fun With Electricity, Electric Radio- Controlled Vehicles, Young Engineering and Solar Energy, Science Fun with Dairy Foods: The Case of the Missing Milk, Not Just Knot, Science Fun With Physics, Robotics Fun with EV3, Robotics Two: EV3N More, Robotics Master, Crank It Up, Warm it Up, Tune it Up, Tractor Series, Arcs and Sparks, Measuring Up, Making the Cut, Nailing it Together, Finishing Up, Woodworking Master, Safe Use of Guns and Basic Archery.