Looking to schedule your interview times for July 18 Project Judging or for the Black Inc. interviews? Go to http://go.osu.edu/vwjudging to get started. 

4-H Project Guidelines for Completion can be found at http://go.osu.edu/19requirements

Project Judging & Fair Exhibition Rules

  • All 4-H projects must be evaluated through the 4-H project judging system to take part in the Van Wert County Junior Fair.
  • Only members participating in 4-H project judging or makeup judging (uncontrollable circumstances not withstanding) will have Jr. Fair privileges. These include passes at $5.00 each, exhibition, and premium and sale privileges.
  • Only those members who are judged during July 18 are eligible for still project awards and Ohio State Fair competition (non-livestock).
  • Members must receive a Complete Grade to exhibit at the Van Wert County Fair. 1st year members receiving an “Incomplete” have 1 week to complete Project requirements and be re-evaluated to exhibit.

2019 Judging Schedule

  • Still Project Judging: July 18that Van Wert Middle School. Times will be available to sign up for appointments online by July 1st.  To be eligible to be a State Fair Qualifier with your project you must be judged on July 18th
  • Livestock Judging: Interview and Project Book judging will be held July 29th  from 3:00 – 7:00 p.m. on the Fairgrounds in the Jr. Fair Building. Skillathons will also be conducted at this time.
  • Make Up Judging: for those who cannot attend county judging dates will be done by your 4-H Advisor – Please contact them before August 9th to have your judging done. Grades must be turned into the Extension office before August 9th.  
  • Be sure to check your schedules if you play sports, for vacations, etc. A big part of 4-H is being responsible.

Still Project Judging

Van Wert Middle School


By appointment


Livestock Judging

Jr. Fair Building (Fairgrounds)


By appointment

Make Up Judging

Not State Fair Elligible

Done by Advisor

Due by August 9

Judging Tips:

  1. Be well groomed, dressed appropriately, (No beach flip flops) with clean hands and hair.
  2. Don’t chew gum.
  3. Use good posture, sit and stand straight and tall.
  4. Be polite and courteous.
  5. Be prepared to talk about your project.  Know what you did and how you did it, what you learned, and what you might do to improve the next time
  6. When answering the questions, speak clearly and distinctly.
  7. Look at the Judge when answering your questions.
  8. Thank the Judge at the conclusion of your interview.
  9. Smile and be enthusiastic
  10. Be proud of your accomplishment, you worked hard!

Dress Code for 4-H Judging Events

These are considered interviews and you are expected to dress appropriately for these occasions. No torn, worn, or stressed jeans or skirts will be permitted. No shorts will be accepted (as all areas for judging are air conditioned). Skirts should be at least knee length or longer. Close-toed shoes or nice sandals must be worn, no beach flip flops. Exhibitor’s shirts may not bare midriff, halter tops, cut off t-shirts, or tank tops. You are not permitted to wear a hat of any type to these events, unless it is part of your clothing project.

For livestock judging, we encourage youth to wear their show clothes as a way to show the judge professionalism. It also helps everyone have their show clothes ready for the fair!

4-H Judging Awards

4-H judging gives the 4-H member the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned while completing projects and attending club events. Personalized interviews allow 4-H’ers to develop skills in communication as well as gaining information about their performance. The member is judged on the knowledge attained as much as the final product.

4-H Grading System

The following ribbons will be awarded at the member’s respective project judging (Livestock or Still Project) but not in the fair show ring. Please see below for the expectations of each rating.

SUPERIOR- 4-H member went above and beyond the project requirements. They had superior knowledge of the project and developed an extensive exhibit.

OUTSTANDING- 4-H member met all project requirements. They had basic knowledge of subject matter and a nice exhibit.

GOOD- 4-H member met only some of the requirements. They needed more project knowledge and more extensive exhibit.

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT- 4-H member did not meet any of the project requirements.

Awards – Still Project (Non-Livestock)

  • State Fair Selection- Member(s) selected to represent the county at the Ohio State Fair for a given project or project area. Most projects may select one member per project to represent the county. Non-state fair projects will be awarded county awards. Animal projects can enter to attend the Ohio State Fair.
  • County Awards - The Van Wert County Junior Fair Board distribute contracts each year for various trophies and awards from local businesses and individuals. The 4-H judge is responsible for choosing the award winners in the categories listed in the Junior Fair Book. Again, not all are awarded if the judge feels none qualify. It is very possible to be a State Fair qualifier and not receive a county award, or vice versa.   These awards are handed out during the Special Awards Ceremony at the Van Wert County Fair.
  • Outstanding Awards- The judge has the option of awarding an “Outstanding” interview/project. Outstanding, as the name implies are those projects that  “standout” from the rest. Only a small percentage (10-25%) is chosen for this designation. A rosette is given for recognition.
  • County Fair Livestock Awards – Recognized at the County fair for placement in ring.

Those winning 1st place in eligible categories for still projects will be offered the opportunity to participate in the Still Project Auction during the Fair. They will be notified directly following still judging in July as to allow time for full participation and planning.

Looking to Become an Award Sponsor?

You can support the Jr. Fair by sponsoring trophies and awards for a small amount.

Most are around $20.00!All Categories are available from Clothing to Livestock. Everyone loves to get recognition, please help the Jr. Fair Board to recognize as many youth as possible by sponsoring trophies. Contact: Ericka Priest, Jr. Fair Board Advisor (419)-262-1664