Take Your Demonstration to the Ohio State Fair

2019 Van Wert County 4-H Communications Contest Categories will be conducted during the July 18th judging at Van Wert Middle School. Participants will need to schedule an appointment for an interview (Marketing division will just need to drop off their entries before the end of judging on July 18th for consideration).

Want to know more about categories for 2019? Click this link! https://vanwert.osu.edu/sites/vanwert/files/imce/Program_Pages/4H/Judging/Communication%20Days_7.pdf


            Giving a demonstration is a part of being a 4-H’er.  All 4-H’ers should have the opportunity to give a demonstration in their club.  Successful demonstrations are not difficult. 

Remember these tips:

  1. Chose something you have earned from your 4-H projector something you really enjoy doing.
  2. Think of your demonstration as an opportunity to share something you know with your fellow 4-H members.
  3. To help you decide on your subject consider these questions:   
    1. Am I interested in this subject?
    2. Is it useful to others?
    3. Does it have action?
    4. Can it be clearly demonstrated?    
    5. Does it have one main idea?
    6. Can I do it easily?
    7. Is it related to my project?
  1. Planning is the key to your success; you must know what you are going to do. Use the following plan:
    • Select a topic
    • Use State Fair time guidelines.
    • Select a title that will catch the interest of the group
    • Give a short introduction to your topic
    • Show & explain the steps of your demo in order
    • Select your materials & equipment
    • Practice your delivery so you know what you’ll be covering. Use note cards if you wish
    • Talk to your audience & smile
    • Make a conclusion, re-emphasizing the points
    • Ask your audience for questions
    • Thank them for their attention

Don’t forget these tips:

      1. Dress neatly & appropriately
      2. Be well groomed, stand tall, sit properly
      3. Be prepared!