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4-H grows Leaders! Van Wert County is host to a wide variety of clubs that can help you get there! From learning how to make healthy snacks, bottle rockets, scrapbooking, and fishing there are over 200 project workbooks to choose from.  With our diverse variety of clubs there is sure to be one to fit your family’s needs. Take some time to look over this listing and feel free to call an advisor to get started today! We would love to have you join 4-H- the Nation’s largest youth development organization. Learn more at vanwert.osu.edu or check us out on Facebook at facebook.com/vanwert4h.

Barnyard Buddies is an all interest 4-H club that meets throughout the year. With many years of experience in all sorts of projects, advisors Kendra Heffelfinger (419) 203-9012) Kendra_heffelfinger@yahoo.com and Robin Schumm (419) 203-2656 rlschs86@metalink.net can help members be successful with helping members find the right resources to succeed. This club is especially talented with livestock and also selects a club educational activity based on the member’s interests. Their next meeting will be on February 18 at Zion Lutheran Church on Schumm Road.

Clever Clovers 4-H Club is an all interest club based in Van Wert. They meet at Van Wert Middle School in Mrs. Thompson’s Healthy Choices Room. The club has a primary focus on non-livestock projects, but all are welcome to join. Marie Markward is the club advisor. She can be reached by calling (419) 238-5957 or emailing m_markward@vwcs.net. Clever Clovers 4-H Club’s first meeting will be held on February 26, from 6:30-7:30pm.

Harrison Jolly Boosters 4-H Club is a historic club in Van Wert County which celebrates over 100 years of existence! The club meets at the Harrison Township House. Club Advisors Mandi Scarlett (419) 203-2531 mscarlett5@gmail.com or Ashley Showalter (567) 259-8443 mrsarshowalter@gmail.com welcome all types of members, but are especially talented with projects for sheep, turkeys, and natural resources. Projects of all kinds can be found at the Harrison Jolly Boosters Club which will meet on March 11 from 3:30-4:30pm.

Hoaglin Farmers is the county’s largest 4-H Club. They meet on Sundays at 4:00pm at Zion Christian United Methodist church. Members take a huge variety of projects but advisor Beth Evans (419) 203-2974 evansbeth.1979@gmail.com can especially help with horses, hogs and other livestock projects. Hoaglin Farmer’s next meeting will be either February 18 or 25. Contact Beth for confirmation.

Jackson Lively is a long-standing club in the county. New Advisors Molly and Ernie Welch (419) 302-9529 ggmmolly2@gmail.com are working to turn over a new leaf and grow their membership for 2018! Their first meeting will be February 25, at 2:00pm at the Jackson Township House. Anyone interested should stop by and visit!

Leaders of the Future is an all interest 4-H club. Club advisors Angie Hatfield (419) 605-7885 angiehatfield@hotmail.com and Jodi Spear (419) 203-2321 jodispear.js@gmail.com have a long history of 4-H experiences both as members and as parents. They can help members with a variety of projects and have one of the largest memberships of cloverbuds in the county.

Ohio Challengers 4-H Club is Convoy’s biggest 4-H Club. With meetings held at Crestview schools (and right after school lets out) the flexibility that advisor Judy Wortman (419) 238-9830 provides allows youth to get involved and not stress out over meeting times. Members take lots of projects especially livestock and clothing. During the summer months the club meets at the community building. Their first meeting will be February 21 at Crestview Schools in the Study Hall.

Ohio City Blue Ribbon Workers is an all interest project club based in Ohio City. They meet on Sundays at 4:00pm at St. John’s Lutheran Church. Advisor Brenda DeLong (419) 203-3598 b_delong@hotmail.com helps members with a variety of projects with her extended knowledge of the 4-H program and events. Advisors Anna Kolb and Hilary Arn provide a welcoming and fun environment that youth will enjoy as they explore their first 4-H projects!

Shooting Stars 4-H Club is one of the fastest growing clubs in Van Wert County! Club Advisors Mia Keirns (419) 238-6248 davidmia@embarqmail.com and Greg Gamble (419) 513- 1098 gamble81@gmail.com  have helped many youth with a variety of projects through their club. Youth interested in poultry projects can gain insight from this club (although not a specialty club), and the club hosts a variety of older youth involved as camp counselors, ambassadors, and Jr. Fair Board members. Shooting Stars will host their next meeting on February 18, from 1:30pm-3:00pm at the Wee Care Learning Center.

Venedocia Lads & Lassies is led by advisor Nancy Bonifas. (419) 771-8611 nancenrb@outlook.com This club is a general club that meets at the Venedocia Lions Club. Members from this club take everything from nutrition to livestock to rockets! This club is close for many Delphos Area and Spencerville youth.

Willshire Wide Awake is a general club that meets at Schumm Church. Their club advisor is Pam Henderson (419) 605-7395. This club is great for those interested in a variety of projects but not quite sure what they want to try yet. As a parent and advisor Pam has helped with a variety of projects and events. Willshire Wide Awake Club will meet on February 10 at 10:00am. This club is close for many Parkway School youth in Van Wert County.

York Commanders 4-H Club is led by advisors Lori Williams (419) 203-3210 and Kim Ebel (419) 238-2043. This club is an all interest club with a wealth of information. The York Commanders enjoy educational trips and supporting each other through demonstrations. This club loves 4-H Camp! Their first club meeting will be on February 18 at Pizza Hut in Van Wert at 5:00pm.

Van Wert County 4-H hosts a number of specialized clubs. These clubs can help youth interested in specific projects excel. Members of these clubs are also welcome to take other non-related projects, but should know that specific instruction related to those areas may not be available within the club.

The 4-H Bunny Hoppers Club is a well-oiled learning machine! From selection to show this group will prepare you for what to expect with a rabbit project. Youth can learn, grow, and explore their project as a pet animal, market animal, or show rabbit. All ages are supported from Cloverbuds-18 years of age. The club hosts a number of club advisors but those interested should contact Chris Heizman at (419) 238-4554 for more information. If you are interested in this club you can “hop right on over” to their next meeting on March 1 at the Fairgrounds in the Extension Office. The meeting will start at 6:30pm.

Canines and Critter’s 4-H Club is a pet animal club for youth in Van Wert County. Those interested in pet projects (dog, cat, rabbit, small animals) or with a general animal science interest should consider this club! Club Advisors for this club are Amber Wiseman (419) 203-6274 and Sandy Klinger (419) 203-0483. They meet at the Extension Office.

4-H Exchange Club is a unique opportunity for youth to explore new states and make friends with 4-H’ers from around the country! This club also hosts the beautiful and always growing 4-H Holiday Light show hosted at the Fairgrounds every winter. This club is specific to teens aged 13 and up and requires some fundraising time to pay for travelling. Contact Cindy Harting (419) 203-1413, Joy Short (419) 605-7779, or Jay Gamble (419) 203-2234 for more details on how to join!

Farmtastic 4-H Club is a general livestock club that meets at the Fairgrounds. Members in this club take a variety of livestock projects and learn from advisors who have knowledge from all areas of livestock. Club advisors for this club include Jill and Phil Sorgen (260) 410-4211, Pat Hoersten, and Deb Pohlman.  Farmtastic’s first meeting will be held on February 25, at 2:00pm at the Fairgrounds in the Senior Fairboard Office.

Udder Dairy 4-H Club is advised by Jill and Denny McCoy (419) 771-8644. With many years of experience in 4-H and dairy, both Jill and Denny serve as valuable resources for not only dairy but a wide variety of 4-H projects. The clubs meets at the Extension Office on the Fairgrounds in the Buckeye Meeting Room. Contact Jill for the next meeting date.

The 4-H program is part of the Ohio State University Extension services. For more information on the 4-H program and how to get involved, contact the Van Wert County OSU Extension office at 419-238-1214 or one of the advisors above. The office is located at 1055 S Washington St in Van Wert at the fairgrounds. You can also find more information on their website vanwert.osu.edu or follow Van Wert County 4-H on Facebook at facebook.com/vanwert4h