July 24, 2019 - 4:52pm -- gottke.4

Please read the following instructions before attempting to enter your Fair Entries. Thanks!

  1. If you have questions about what your project should be entered as - please check out the 2019 Jr. Fair Book
  2. Instructions for Fair Entry 

Dear Jr. Fair Families,

We hope that all of you are having a great summer! We are very excited to annouce that our new FairEntry system is ready to go! Instructions for you to enter your projects (both still and livestock) are included in this packet. The link to go to our FairEntry is:


Please take the time to read over the instructions carefully. The system allows much more freedom for entering data, running shows, and calculating reports that will only work if you take the time enter your data as best as possible. That being said, if you do not know the answer to some of the questions, enter as best as possible if you do not know ear tags, tattoo numbers, etc.

We do ask that you work your best to get your entries in by August 3rd, but realize that for some of you that deadline may come too quickly. We will extend to the middle of that week for self-entry, but after that point we will need to work directly with you for information.

If you are in FFA and 4-H – you can note which project goes with which club. If you have a sibling in 4-H currently, your login that your family uses can be used to add you as well. As always, if you have questions please contact us at the Extension Office at (419) 238-1214 or by emailing me at gottke.4@osu.edu. Remember it is a new system so we are all on a learning curve and may need to tell you that we need to get back with you, or only someone else can help us know something for sure. Be patient and we will be sure to get everyone taken care of.