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Attention 4-H members! Interesting in taking on a new challenge for 2018? Look over our list of local, state, and national opportunities for teen leadership in 4-H. If you have further questions about any of the opportunities listed please contact the OSU Extension Office for details.


The Jr. Fair Board is a group of 4-H teens selected to assist in being responsible for Jr. Fair activities. As a result of participation, Jr. Fair Board members will develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and aspirations needed for adult success, and the Van Wert County Jr. Fair program will be strengthened and expanded. 
Deadline to apply is November 3, 2017

New Jr. Fair Board Member Application PDF

Returning Jr. Fair Board Member Application PDF

The 4-H Camp Counselors are a group of 4-H teens selected to assist in being responsible for campers ages 9-14 during 4-H Camp. As a result of participation, counselors will develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and aspirations needed for adult success, and the Van Wert County 4-H program will be strengthened and expanded.  Deadline to apply for new applicants is December 15, 2017. Deadline for Returning Applicants is December 1, 2017. 

New Camp Counselor Application PDF or Fillable PDF

Returning Camp Counselor Application PDF or Fillable PDF

Please note that a fillable application still must be printed out and signed before being turned in. 

Older members have a variety of opportunities to compete Jr. Fair Royalty representing specific project areas as well as the overall Jr. Fair program. These opportunities include: Jr. Fair King and Queen, Beef, Dairy, Goat, Sheep, Poultry, Swine, and Horse. Application deadlines vary, usually the middle of July with interviews to follow.


4-H members who are seniors in high school may want to apply for county and state scholarships. County level scholarships for High School Seniors sponsored by the Friends of 4-H are due on March 2, 2018 with interviews to follow at the Extension Office on Wednesday, March 14, 2018. Information regarding the interviews will be sent to Seniors in the month of January. There are more than 36 state 4-H Scholarships to apply for as well deadline for this scholarship is February 15, 2018 to apply. For more information please visit https://ohio4h.org/awardsandscholarships for more information and to apply.  


4-H Fashion Board plans and facilitates the 4-H sewing fashion show and judging. Members interested should be 13 years of age and have two years of prior sewing experience. Contact Jill McCoy at 419-749-2740


The 4-H Buckeye Ambassadors is a dynamic group of teen leaders who are interested in learning more about promotion of 4-H through marketing, teaching, public speaking and communications. The group will be responsible for promoting 4-H in the spring and then planning fun events for 4-H’ers and their families to experience. The council serves as a sounding board for new ideas and suggestions that would help to improve the 4-H program for families involved. NEW FOR 2018- No need to apply, just let Deb know at the Extension Office.



CarTeens members help teach traffic safety school to your peers. Scholarships available to those who participate in sessions. CarTeens should be 16 years of age or older. Interested members should contact the Extension Office at (419) 238-1214 for more details on the next meeting.

The 4-H Exchange Group explore new states and makes friends with 4-H'ers from around the country! Contact Cindy Harting (419) 203-1413 for more details on how to get involved!

The Van Wert County Friends of 4-H group is looking for youth representatives to help guide 4-H fundraising and support dollars for 4-H Clubs and youth. To find out more information contact the Extension Office.


Looking for Community Service hours to fulfill your requirements for High School graduation or your sports team? Look no further! All of the teen groups conduct some type of service during the year. You can use these towards your required community service hours. The Extension Office has a variety of things you could do including: filing, collating, and putting mailings together. Call our office for more information. We’d like your help!




Achievement Awards

4-H members 14 to 18 years of age as of December 31, may apply for one of several State 4-H Achievement Awards. Awards are given based on a 4-H member’s total leadership, community service, and project experiences in a given project or program area. 4-H members may also use the Achievement Form to apply for several state and national conferences and to become a member on the State Junior Fair Board. Application deadline is Jan. 31, 2018 to the Extension Office. https://ohio4h.org/awardsandscholarships  


Ohio State Jr. Fair Board

4-H members who are 16 years of age as of January 1, and eligible. The Ohio State Junior Fair Board is comprised of outstanding individuals from each of the youth organizations represented at the Ohio State Fair, and serves to strengthen and help coordinate State Fair activities each year. Two 4-H representatives (one male and one female) are selected annually to serve a two-year term on the Ohio State Junior Fair Board. Deadline is February 6, 2018.  https://ohio4h.org/awardsandscholarships


Ohio 4-H Fashion Board

This is a small group of outstanding 4-H youth involved in 4-H textiles and clothing projects. State Fashion Board members are selected from across the state to: a) Assist in conducting Ohio State Fair 4-H Fashion Revue; b) Assist with educational programming efforts related to textiles and clothing at county, regional, and state-wide events; c) Serve as an advocate for Ohio’s 4-H textiles & clothing projects & programs. Due at the time applicant competes in the State 4-H Fashion Revue at the Ohio State Fair.


Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council

TLC is a statewide group of 4-H teens and young 4-H alumni that provides a youth stakeholder perspective in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of Ohio 4-H programming. In the process, council members develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, and aspirations needed for future success. Applicants must be ages 14-18 as of Jan 1. Applications are due the Friday following the Ohio State Fair.


Ohio 4-H Conference

Plan on attending the 2018 Ohio 4-H Conference on Saturday, March 10 at the Columbus Convention Center. Held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, this day-long conference provides teens with educational sessions pertaining to 4-H projects, 4-H opportunities, leadership development, and current events. Includes buffet lunch and opportunities for networking. Deadline in February, Contact Extension Office for details.


International Opportunities

4-H not only is wide-spread in the United States. It can take you to a whole new world! Through the 4-H Exchange programs (LABO and IFYE), youth and adults alike can host students from other countries, as well as take trips themselves to learn about 4-H in other places. It’s exciting to think 4-H exists in over 88 different countries!

If you are interested in traveling abroad to study in another country, or would be willing to host a student in your home, please check out the following link: https://ohio4h.org/statewide-programs/international-program


Trip Opportunities

4-H members, 14 to 18 years as of January 1, 2018, may apply for one of several state trip and leadership opportunities partially funded by the Friends of 4-H and the 4-H Council. Interested 4-H members should complete an essay on why they would like to attend. Deadline to apply is March 1, 2018.


Ohio Youth Capital Challenge

Youth from across the state coming together to learn how to make their voices heard in government and make a difference. Held in 3 phases: 1) March in downtown Columbus and the Capital, 2) Work in teams in local communities, 3) Competitions (May and July/August). Contact the Extension Office for more details. Applications due in January, open to High School youth in 4-H or FFA.


State 4-H Leadership Camp

The premiere leadership development opportunity available to Ohio 4-H members. The focus of the five-day leadership experience is the development of concrete peer leadership skills that will enable participants to have an immediate impact in their home 4-H club, county, community, or school. Free for first county nomination, date is July 9-13 (immediately following our 4-H county level camp) Nominations are due April 1, 2018 (April 2nd is first available business day) with Registrations due May 11.




Livestock Judging Team

Develop and practice your livestock judging skills by placing breeding and market classes of beef, goats, sheep, and swine. Top 3 teams represent Ohio 4-H at National Level. Contest during Ohio State Fair. Practices during June/July as determined by team members. Contact Extension Office for more details.


Meat Judging Team

Learn how to judge beef, lamb, and pork carcasses, and wholesale cuts according to trimness, muscling, and quality of cut. Contest done co-currently with FFA contest and meetings will be conducted to prepare team (all information will be taught). Practices during December/January/February  as determined by team members. Contact Extension Office for more details.